Just thought I'd point to a new project @ MidiBox.org.
Here is the builder's thread:
http://midibox.org/forums/topic/18032-m … 600-synth/
And His Wiki Page:
Direct Midi control of a TIA chip with a MB Core!

whoa rad!

Just a bump with an update on Antichamber's project. I had not seen his blog @ AtariAge till today. Really worth a look.
http://atariage.com/forums/blog/536/ent … dibox-tia/
In addition, check out this drum patch demo
https://soundcloud.com/bdupeyron/mb-tia … reset-drum
for more details check his Wiki page
He is moving at full steam with more software controls to come! Very exciting!!
(P.S he is also updating another project as well, the MidiBox POKEY started by nILS @MIDIBox.org)
(P.P.S  a 'Thank You' to Eptheca for helping and motivating Antichamber smile )

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How did I miss this? Now it's a toss up between TIA MB or the Little Scale build. I'm strapped for time!

most excellent project

Nice one!

Bump for an update, Antichamber is taking orders for boards and parts 8) See Wiki link and thread.