Tickets available now!
Day 1 - $35.50
Day 2 - $35.50

Very proud to announce the full line up and details for Squaresounds Tokyo 2013!

Amazingly excited for this....

9/27 – Pre Party - Doors 18:00

18:00 – Omodaka
18:30 – Sparkyboy
19:00 – Men of Mega
19:30 – Harley Likes Music
20:00 – Hige Driver
20:30 – Abortifacient
21:00 – BryFace

9/30 – After Party - Doors 18:00

18:00 – Kenobit
18:30 – Superboy
19:00 – Little scale
19:30 – Tappy
20:00 – Aliceffekt
20:30 – Kunio
21:00 – Toriena

Venue – Sabako
Access – Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, Waseda Station Exit 2
Time – open 18:00, close 22:00
Door – 1500 yen w/1 free drink

More details here

if cheap beats is putting it on, why no holy konni?! pretty sick lineup tho


defPREMIUM wrote:

if cheap beats is putting it on, why no holy konni?! pretty sick lineup tho

We actually started planning this before we were talking to HK. I would very much like to see him out here though...




Edit: Rather than a visualist when sexy synth is playing, you should just fire up katamari and throw that up on the projector.

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Tickets now on sale!

Dat lineup. Wish I had the funds to go! 

Try to do a live stream!

What's the pre- & post-party landscape looking like? I want to torture myself further with complete awareness of the full, expanded experience that I'll be missing.

We have I think 13 confirmed, just waiting on one more. New faces, old faces, should be fun!

Awesome. What are the dates? Guessing the day immediately previous & the day immediately following?


danimal cannon wrote:

oh man, i remember that preparty, that was fun as hell

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My brother and I will be arriving in Osaka on the 27th, only to immediately get on a train for Tokyo to catch the first night tongue Super excited for this show. Anywhere we can hear about the pre/post parties? Square Sounds on Twitter?