I'm not sure how ethical it is of me to link to this, but it's news. Don't shoot the messenger! I was checking CSDb again to see if a 2SID version of SID-Wizard has been released yet (no sad), and I saw that Goto80's private tracker has finally been released via Genesis Project. No documentation provided. Does anyone know who the original coder is?

Err, yes I did run it, for purely academic reasons I assure you. I have to say the cracktro is pretty cool. *cough*


Super neat!

i think that MATS is the original coder?

he shared it to hack n trade members recently so that might explain the leek.

oh and they gave 10 copies away at a recent demo party

http://goto80.com/blog/fageldisk-with-t … t-software

there are some half finished docs being worked on? maybe?

F6        Sexy speed
F8        Octopus meth

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Proper marketing move from G*P smile

wasnt me duu-duh-du-dudu wasnt me du-dudu du

i think frantic coded it. witout documentation you are going to get nowhere ;D


Wow !! I think I will undust my HardSID to check this out ! yikes


See this Goto80 post, a bunch of Hack'n'Trade stuff was released on disk recently.   (yes, including Defmon.  see the disk listing)

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I was going by G★P's Facebook page, which claims that they "stole" the tracker. Perhaps they're just being dramatic. I hadn't seen Goto80's blog post that Jellica and you linked to. I now see that he says in it "we'll see when it starts to spread around" so I guess he expected this to happen.

Physical floppy releases are cool!

this is something I've been dreaming of for almost half a decade

Not actually stolen, and good luck to anyone without docs big_smile big_smile big_smile

this looks like the most addictive game since lsdj.

anybody knows how to change tempo?

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I thought I would have some free time this summer.
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k7 wrote:

this looks like the most addictive game since lsdj.

anybody knows how to change tempo?

c=+Fkeys    - change BPM
shift+F1 - BPM reset

Unless you mean changing the song speed
In that case hold c=+control to edit speed column

I am putting together a keyboard chart and a reference guide for defMON, but it might be a while.

In the meantime:
    <-        switch pattern editor / sidtab
    runstop    switch pattern editor / arranger
    shift+X    disk menu (then L to load, S to save)
    ctrl+<,>    octave up/down

Hope that helps.

Depending on the version that was released, you might even have 2 sid support in there smile