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It’s here, it’s finally here! In 2008, a younger James CalmDownKidder went to a little-known festival called Blip Festival, and this laid the seeds for CDKr’s most ambitious project yet – a chipmusic tribute to Fat Wreck Chord’s Small Music For Small People. 101 tracks, 101 different artists, all approximately 30 seconds or less. All-new original songs from some of Chipmusic’s biggest names, including Bit Shifter, gwEm, 4mat, Nordloef, and many (97, to be precise) more! On the Anniversary of CalmDownKidder’s first ChipFest event, Micro Music for Micro People is as much a Time Capsule of 2008-2009 chipmusic as it is an exciting and new release!

Thanks to Thomas ’0010100′ Mahon for Mastering
Thanks to Ville Kontinnen for Artwork
Thanks to all the artists who have contributed, and thanks to all the artists who have contributed to CalmDownKidder Records over the years – and most importantly, thank you, the listener, for keeping CalmDownKidder Records alive throughout the years!

Great idea and awesome artwork!

IT EXISTS.  O_O  Holy shit.

2008! retro data forever!

As already mentioned on the facebook: this is just awesome! And I just had a quick and dirty listening party and there are some great songs on  there! Bud Melvin's song is already one of the best songs of this year.

HOLY NECRO! Didn't I have a track on this as well? Ahh yes... and omg I've been doing the same crap for 5 years now?
Anyway glad to see this, especially with all the artists who aren't around anymore.

Fuck yes

egr wrote:

IT EXISTS.  O_O  Holy shit.

I remember doing a track on TrippyH on it which is not in the list...maybe it's a good thing LOLZ !
btw you know it's an old one when you see Kezziebeats in there haha tongue

Yay this is so fun! Miss a lot of those guys.

What a great bunch of ringtones.

Didn't ever expect to see this, wish I'd done a better track! Love PDF's song so much.

I cannot say how happy this has made me. This is all kinds of awesome sauce. A landmark release. A monument to chip music. A behemoth of electronic grandeur. A miriad of bleepy goodness. A who's who of lo-bit renegades. THE chip music album to own.

Who of the old '08-'09 crowd are missing from this? I would have loved an Uoki-Toki track. Maybe a lovely poppy fakebit Girljoy track. Anyone else missing from the "golden age" of 8bc-organised netlabel comps?


What a great bunch of ringtones.