lpower - Abinox II

3.Think, Do, Act
4.3 in 4
6.Front Line
7.At the Start = In the End

With Abinox I lpower explored what makes a video game soundtrack tick. With Abinox II he returns with a similar concept in mind. Once again, the basic components (sounds, structures and emotions) of his favourite soundtracks are used as building blocks, this time using a wider sound palette, including the Nintendo Entertainment System and DX7 Synthesizer, allowing space for more experimentation and resulting in a deeper, darker release. Moreover, the compositions are longer but refuse to repeat or loop, creating a strong narrative and constant progression.

Telefuture and Pterodactyl Squad can safely say that this is one sequel that doesn’t suck.

Both Abinox I and II can be downloaded for free via Pterodactyl Squad, while a limited cassette can be purchased in the Telefuture shop.

Professionally duplicated cassettes with orange shells, white imprinting, and green tinted cases. Limited to 50 copies!

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