What's up everybody!

I know many of you may think there wasn't such a need, and no one requested either, but I really wanted to make something to save my patches.
There are already the iOS app, many PDF and Microsoft Word templates which are really useful to take note of your instruments, tables and synths, but I felt like making my own program, and there it is!

Code's written in Autoit, so sadly it's Windows only neutral sorry guys but I'm not a real programmer haha!

So, what is ePatchBook essentially?

Not that deal. Just a sort of *.ini editor that allows you to open, save and display instruments and tables database files that you can easily create to store your LSDj patches.
I don't know about you guys but except some common instruments (like the basic kicks and leads and stuff), I easily forget how to make the more "worked" sounds, so this is really useful to me.

Anyway this is still a basic version of the program, and I have in mind to make even a synth editor, both normal and graphical (you'll design your waveform with vertical sliders, tho, cause I suck at this!)

Here are some screens:

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As you can see it's really basic and nvm, it was mainly for a personal purpose but maybe someone can use it too!
It should work properly, but if you spot 'em bugs, please report them so I can fix them!

Current version: 0.9 beta

Download (if it tells you "La risorsa richiesta รจ accessibile qui", click on "qui")


Credits: Merutochan,

Forgot to mention! One of the biggest pros in using this is that you can share your patches without having to write them in a confusing txt file and stuff. Way more user friendly from this point of view!

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That looks very cool and useful. Is it open source so maybe someone out there can port it to OS X?


Well I don't mind sharing the sources even if they're pretty messed up and non-commented, but since the program is so tiny they shouldn't be a problem to understand!
When I'll have a bit more of time I'll comment them up and share them!


i think this is excellent! i hope more people start using this and share more patches

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Wow, thanks for this. Great job!


I was actually working on something very similar to this myself actually, only its a console program haha.

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Neato! Have to get.


would get if mac