I'm looking to buy 2 gameboy flashcarts and I'm hoping some rad person on here might have some available to sell. I intend to run mGB and LSDJ on them, so they must be capable of this - I also don't want my work to get lost into the digital void, that would really suck, so being able to backup my Sav files to PC is essential. I know carts like the EMS have a USB port to download save data, but I'm open to other ways (e.g. 2 carts with one transferrer unit). I don't have any other existing GB carts or equipment.

2 EMS carts brand new is $80, and since I'm on a tight budget I'm hoping to save a bit of money getting some carts used, maybe from a supportive fellow musician.

Thx for reading wink

p.s. I have a us mailbox so no need to worry about intl postage if in the us.

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Just a suggestion. EMS carts are multi ROM capable. If you want, I can hook you up with a ROM that can run both LSDj and mGB from a menu.


I am aware of this, I needed two carts for two separate units, but I'll admit I didn't word it properly. That ROM sounds neat though. Either way I have decided just to get one cart for now from nonelectronics, so this thread can be closed/deleted/etc.

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