yo crew,

My debut 12" release came out this month on WeMe Records (Ceephax, DMX Krew, DJ Stingray etc.). It's hyperreal techno rave made with a variety of gear including LSDJ, Korg M01, Pocket Music, various tablehooters etc. If you order it directly from WeMe you will get an amazing coloured vinyl version. Even if you don't you can still appreciate the artwork by the wonderful Poke-1,170!!

A1) (You Need) To Believe
A2) Superhighway
B1) Bleep Crash
B2) (You Need) To Believe (MNLTH Remix)

You can get the non-coloured version from Clone, Boomkat, Kudos, Rush Hour and good record stores near you.

Madriz, Supain

fuck you steve, im so jealous. Ima hit the bed but ill check this tommorrow, interested!


vancouver, canada

haha, this release looks and sounds super rad! lovin' the coloured vinyl.


This is awesome!

ohio gozaimasu

oh man!

NC in the US of America

Kids all over the world will be asking "what the beep is a bleep crash?!"

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Man, this is bumpin'. I'll have to pick it up when I get the chance.


im not sure if i like it a lot or not