Because of this thread I made probably the most useless update to cm.o so far, but it might still some people's curiosity. There's a text below the list of users on the right side of the page. This used to show only the number of guests and and logged-in members. It now also bots and spammers.
Explanation of the categories:

Guests: Users that are not logged in and also don't fall into any of the below categories.

Members: Logged-in users.

Bots: Sessions reported as coming from bots. These are mostly legitimate search engine crawler bots. This includes a certain ChipMusicHeartBitsSpidy, btw. heart

Bot dupes: I noticed that some crawlers (especially Yandex. Edit: I mean Baidu...) created a lot requests from different IP addresses which created a lot of unused sessions, which would sometimes boost the guests numbers really high. Those are now sorted as duplicates.

Spammers: This indicates that a session has been blocked by one of the various automatic spam detection methods in place on cm.o.

A session can only be in one category at a time.

Now you know.

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can you put a "homepage" link at the bottom of the site so that you don't have to scroll all the way up and click the cm.o logo when at the bottom of a long thread? it would take two seconds to add.

You could click the link in the breadcrumb. (Between the thread content and the reply field.) Or press the home button, if you're one of the people still using a computer with a keyboard.

hey i never even noticed the link right above the reply field! sorry for the silly request then, and thank you : )

thats not useless, it explains a lot and lets the userbase know at least who (or what) is reading. either way, i think its pretty interesting that there is an interest for crawling the forum. thanks for your diligence!

I've been aware of crawlers for a while, Google and YT tend to suck links out of here fairly quickly.

Should I waste some more time on this and list which bots are crawling the site too?


This is neat. I always liked that feature that a lot of forums have where you can see what threads people are reading or posting in.

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