dunno if any of you will find this useful

impulse tracker and derivatives are not really suited to creating microtonal music. i think openmodplug can do it but i'm not sure how, it's probably incompatible and it doesn't run on not-windows. these scripts work by creating an .iti file with the same sample at different pitches, mapped correctly with the multisample feature of IT so it is playable with the keyboard and trackable as usual

the script takes .its (impulse tracker sample) format files as input only, so an additional script is provided to convert .wav files to .its (this helper program depends on sox, if you don't have sox you can save .its files from inside impulse/schism/modplug tracker)


hasnt been very thoroughly tested but it seems to work

now also with 4000+ scales from huygens-fokker:

additionally have converted the approx. 4000 scales in the huygens-fokker scale archive from scala .SCL format to the correct impulse tracker microtuner format and they can be downloaded here along with the script i used to do it.

example http://chipmusic.org/sandneil/music/mic … acker-song

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Its The One

this is fantastic for use with single cycle waveforms.
much faster than loading in the same sample in multiple instances and then inputting the sample rate by hand!
also being able to skip that extra math step is nice smile

update: converted the massive scale archive from huygens fokker to IT microtuner format

hey, is this available somewhere?