Dallas, Texas

Hi. So I'm currently using the TextMate MML Bundle under osx for all my nsf making needs. But I'm running into a situation where I need the #AUTO-BANKSWITCH feature in the latest versions of ppmck. Maybe I don't need it, if someone could help me understand how to BANK-CHANGE properly maybe we can not worry about the upgrade.

Here the issue though. I'm working on a multi song nsf in which I want to fill up something close to 30k with music data+samples. I obviously need bankswitching to accomplish this. But I can't get past two songs cause I hit bank overflow. If I build 2 of my tunes with BANK-CHANGE it works, but when I throw in a third track I get overflow. So is the BANK-CHANGE command at the top of each .mml file interperated separately, or does it only care about the one in my first .mml file?

I guess I just don't see the relation of what is actually happening when I decide to use setbank and bank-change. I can see stuff moving around when I experiment with it but I wish I know how to be efficient or even just know what to do and why I'm doing it.

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