simonhpieman wrote:

Oh tonesworth, I hope you can see the funny side of this! You must have wasted HOURS restarting computers!!

x_x Oh man, soooo much time! My own fault for being a nooby idiot though lol. @kitsch thank you so much. @everyone, thanks for all your help. SUCH a huge relief. I can finally get some sleep tonight. smile


Okay, so I don't know if this is just horrible luck, but I started backing up since I found the problem, but now my cart is acting all crazy. I was able to get some songs onto my pc, but now when I try to load a song, it just says loading 1/6, then 2/6, etc... until FF/6, then goes to something like 1/88, and just goes over and over. I can't deal with this. Anyone have any idea what's going?


If you can put together some money, do yourself good & get the real deal.

Once you get the drivers working for this, all your problems will go away.