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I couldn't think of an appropriate topic title that is both accurate and clear in what I mean. If someone wants to change it, go ahead, apologies.

I have a gig tonight with Audiotist, and he has been working on expanding his live-set with gameboys (#humblebrag).

Around noon his cart crashed, and caused some data corruptions.
He was stuck in chain or phrase screen, navigating caused immediate crashes. Some instruments didn't work (think it's KIT's worked, Waves didn't). A crash that I experienced and I guess some of you as well. We "fixed" it by loading another song and reloading.

I was asking myself if this actually fixes the >whole< problem. Even though all the settings, tables, instruments and phrases are fixed. I had this with a card that kept crashing from time to time last year. Now it doesn't anymore. I'm under the impression that a momentary song crash causes prolonged instability. I even think that deleting the once chrashed songs extremely lowered further chances for the card crashing.

Is my nintendo-gut right?
I might be under a false impression because I just don't use that card that often anymore.

TL,DR: I think a  a momentary song crash causes prolonged instability for the song or the card and raises the chance for future chrashes, amirite?


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I honestly dont think crashing causes instability as the rom is not changed due to a crash. it is "possible" to corrupt the save data on the cart which can make the songs do silly things but not really mess with the program itself

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Every once in a while my cart crashes ( Usually from using a pitch bend kit ) and I do the same thing as you. Just load another song and it will be fine. ( And back up your stuff in case wink )


More likely dirty carts + systems cause crashes by corrupting the ram or something. Do a throughout scrub and see if that makes things more stable.