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~~~~~~~~~~It's happening again!!~~~~~~~~~~
Due to the huge reception we received this year, we felt that we couldn't not return in 2014. However, whilst the main focus of the project, a new track by a different artist every Friday, stays the same, the way the artists are chosen is changing!
As the poster alludes to, this year we're being joined by 11 other curators, in the form of blogs, labels, festivals or communities! Each calender month, a curator will be taking control and choosing the artists which will be on the project.
As we move forward with WeeklyTreats, we also realised that Bandcamp and a Wordpress wasn't adequate, so we're also excited to be announcing a dedicated site which is now live! Also, we've now got a Facebook and Twitter page to follow what's going on with project as well as to watch for future curator announcements.
Happy 2014||!

Week #01| C-jeff - A Jump Forward
Week #02| Yoann Turpin - Smooth Bits
Week #03| Monomer - Boneyard Boogie
Week #04| Zantilla - Darth Gumby
Week #05| Blitz Lunar - Hexaperplexia

Week #06| Awesome Force - One-Zero-Seven
Week #07| Pixeltune - Divergence
Week #08| Ikasam - Red Thread
Week #09| Storm Blooper - Reconcile

Week #10| cTrix - Dark
Week #11| 7bit Hero - A Hero Is Born
Week #12| Peaches The Wale - This Vershun
Week #13| little-scale - Everything Momentary

Week #14| MONODEER - Vitamine DMG
Week #15| xyce - la cherie
Week #16| RoccoW - Going Out Dancing
Week #17| Men of Mega - Henk Van Hassel

Week #18| Guardia - Mirros
Week #19| Kommisar - Epsilon 5150
Week #20| +LET'S DISINFECT!+ - The Distance Between
Week #21| 8bit Rex - Tokyo Police Chase
Week #22| Analog - Diamante

Week #23| Wiklund - Facemorph
Week #24| Rushjet1 - Second Thoughts
Week #25| kulor - Big Win Mega Win
Week #26| FearOfDark - Drowning In Sleep

Datathrash Recordings
Week #27| Wizwars - Chip. Thrash. Music.
Week #28| Abandoned On Fire - Ritual Begin
Week #29| d_strct - C.H.B.M.D.
Week #30| Nestrogen - I Will If You Won't

Week #31| goto80 - japanjul_prv
Week #32| Skin Walker - Meditate
Week #33| Needle Factory - Dirty Machine
Week #34| The VIRUS Empire - Beautiful Daze
Week #35| Equinoxe - Chromasync

Week #36| Tappy - Kats
Week #37| Kunio - Secret Agent Man
Week #38| Roboctopus - Your Princess Is In Another Console lol
Week #39| Matt Nida - Shinjuku

Week #40| 2G1B - Menjunje Galáctico
Week #41| Girls & Boys Like Toys - Sheropo
Week #42| Lautaro - Cuarz
Week #43| Ralp - Tuscia Crar
Week #44| Neuroflip - Raw Techno

Week #45| Jameson Sutton - It's OK, Let's Roll! ft. Detective Tuesday
Week #46| Brick BRKer- Lunar Crush
Week #47| Phonetic Hero - Coffee Stomp
Week #48| Petriform - Silver Snakes Kick Ass [email protected]#% the Purple Parrots

Week #49| Flashbob - Talking to the Wall
Week #50| Rico Zerone - Observing You, Pt. 2
Week #51| ovenrake - Tropicool
Week #52| JTM - Seagul

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Matthew Joseph Payne

Yeah yeah!

vancouver, canada

hell yes.  glad to see this project is picking up more steam!  the scene needs more and better curation and this will definitely help.

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rochester, ny

All great news. Congrats!


Fantastic! smile

Oklahoma City, OK

I wish I could've gotten a spot last year, but I'm hoping to get my shot at it this time! So excited!!

Massachusetts, USA

Yesss! I can't wait to hear all of the songs! ALL OF THEM


looking forward to this

Brighton | Portsmouth | UK

Thanks for the support guys! heart


Sounds awesome, rock on guys!

Melbourne, Australia

Go Pxl-Bot! Excited for this.

Warwickshire, UK

Nice - looking forwards to it smile

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Cheers for the continuing support guys! Also note: announcement regarding uCollective's competition for a place on next year's WeeklyTreats is happening next Friday!

Brighton | Portsmouth | UK

Evening! So this week we have another two announcements involving WeeklyTreats 2014!
A) Here is the art for January (Ubiktune's curated month)! ~pretty~
B) uCollective have just launched their competition to be chosen for a place on next year's WeeklyTreats, which can be entered right ~HERE~!
Just to re-iterate (all the information is on the above link), the competition will work as such:
1- You enter! You have until 30th Dec.
2- The uCollective team choose, from this pool, 5 candidates for stage 3.
3- Launching January 1st, the public will be able to vote on which of the 5 chosen will be given a place on the project! Voting ends January 14th.
So, best of luck everyone, and happy holidays!

Brighton | Portsmouth | UK

Voting for uCollective's competition is now up!
View and vote on the entries here!

Brighton | Portsmouth | UK

~~~~~~~~And we're live~~~~~~~~
We're incredibly excited to launch this year's WeeklyTreats with a track by Ubiktune's owner and jazzprog genius C-jeff! Introducing his label and our project in one fell swoop of eclectic chip mastery, we couldn't have chosen a better opener if we'd tried!
Listen or download the track here!