Uhm... let's see...
This is sort of my debut album since I never made a serious one, and it contains a few pieces I worked a lot on, for a pair of months.
The tracks were made using all of my gear:
-2 Gameboys with LSDJ
-A Commodore 64 with MSSIAH
-Electric guitar + Line 6 POD
-A fair amount of effects, I guess tongue

"Will changes Reality" is the realization of a dream unfulfilled for way too long.
Realized mainly with a Commodore 64, two Nintendo Gameboys and a guitar, "Will changes Reality" is the transposition of feelings, thinkings and emotions straight from brain to the instruments.

The album takes shape from the desire of the artists to change the state of reality and to drive it towards a brand new road just through the power of the will and creativity.

Check out the album on Bandcamp for free!

Of course donations are well appreciated though the album is available for free download!

Baja California

I really like it. cheers big_smile

Clermont-Ferrand, France

The track named after the album has a good energy, congrats !


bumpity bump, I hope this is permitted >_<

I remastered the whole album and it's really more worth a listen! Check it if you want