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I like to make weird sounds and I can't really think of any that stand out as being the weirdest because they stop sounding weird to me after awhile, but the triangle leads in these combined with the actual composition still strike me as being very weird after listening so many times and it still tickles. … nsf/10511/
Yeah, I'm sure I'd made some weirder sounds before but I have a bad memory and I'm not scouring my whole library just for this thread, lol.

Actually, come to think of it, I suppose the weirdest non-cihp sound I ever made was what I like to call electricfanstep. I guess that would be considered noise, though but eh. … zip/10593/ … zip/10706/ … zip/11117/
(these three links get progressively weirder)


http://tempsoundsolutions.arnoldascher. …

its 24k btw, ahahah

or maybe this:

http://tempsoundsolutions.arnoldascher. … 0point.mp3

i played this live in the wheeler auditorium, which is like this lecture hall in the main branch of the library here in baltimore, i guess this must have been 2003 or so. its sort of slow, sludgy chiptune with polyharmonic guitars and weird samples of a girl screaming her head off that i sampled out of law and order. i freaked a bunch of old people out with this. basically performers were drawn at random out of a hat, it was a really neat show.


It's not really a weird sound but it can sound glitchy sometimes

- What you do is go into the wav channel and make a kit instrument and do whatever you want, add some normal wav in it [not even as notes or as notes]
- Use that sample/loop in either the first pulse channel or the second [depending on what kind of sound you want]
- change the wav instrument to a pulse instrument and mess with it how you'd like [or keep them both the same instrument]
- Play them separate and then together [one of the pulse channels and the wav channel]♥

I suggest having the tempo set somewhere between 90 and 100 but you can use what you'd like♥

I just find it to sound quite of odd [but very cool] with some of the notes as "???" or as a drum kit sound in a pulse channel smile


Nothing too crazy really.

Bassline for DnB in LSDJ. C3, high Q, Warp, VFF in table. Should've added a chord in there.

And the wav synth in my 90's mashup. At around 0:50, the acid-like background synth, it just sounds so unlike anything gameboy. … ed-90s-wip

Or a A68 noise instrument with a slow power chord table on it, the noise emulation gets so dreamy. Don't remember where I put that in.

buffalo, NY

Some of my weirder sound design at 4:03

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