Arad, Romania

What is the weirdest or most unusual sound you created and used in a song? Maybe you could post a link to the song itself along with a description of what you are referring to. I assume most chip musicians create their own sounds most of the time.

Mine would have to be the bassline in this project:
My best friend said it sounded like a tractor engine lol. It kinda does sound like an engine except that the pitch is lower in the sound I made. It's just a tweaked percussion instrument sample.

I like incorporating unusual sounds in my music. There are so many nice sounds around us, for example the sound of the fan(s) in my computer has a soothing characteristic. It would work well in an ambient song.


Joliette, QC, Canada

I think I will throw one of the patch I did on my Korg MS2000r...
So weird and ambient !

Abandoned on Fire

This is the sound that I enjoyed the most mainly because it sounds so incredibly different from the source sample, just a saw tooth in piggy with retrig and pitch effects.


i made this sick fart sound on lsdj one time. lost the patch tho

Matthew Joseph Payne

None of these tracks are chip, but:

This song contains cello recorded in a concrete stairwell, ww2 era British air raid siren recorded in a concrete stairwell, and my son's heartbeat as recorded from an ultrasound.

This song highlights my attempt at a Sleepytime Gorilla Museum-style "percussion guitar" - two guitar strings and a bass string on a two-by-four. … o-rodent-2

This song features a field recording of the fireworks that took over East Oakland on the night of the 4th of July, forcing us to stop recording for the night. … e-of-a-man

This one is actually chiptune - Chris and Sam from Awkward Terrible and I played three drumsets simultaneously on this song.

Dallas, Texas

Strangest sounds I've made came from an old Vtech kids learning device.

And the strangest I've made and also attempted to build a song around was this clippy patch I made on microkorg

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Brighton | Portsmouth | UK all of this pretty much

[after 'etips']

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Arad, Romania

Some interesting stuff. The strangest one I've heard so far is the first one TylerBarnes posted. It sounds kinda creepy.


50% pulse A3 envelope

hard core parkour

Ottawa, ON

I got some really nice deep drone sounds in the NSF for Marshall Art's Ready For Prime Time, Bitch 
Here's the solo NSF. I'm particularly proud of the noise channel stuff at around 5:30.


do a listen of my holiday album


I made a lot of weird tables in this track . You can hear probably the weirdest one a little better here around 36:45

UK, Leicester

Most of the instruments that I make on piggy end up sounding like skrillex bass growls run through a couple of distortion pedals. Only half of them actually sound anywhere near decent.

France (au milieu)

- actual doublebass+bow

>fat distortion
>Warwick amp with weird set up


- doublebass+pizzicato

>various filters
>Warwick amp with weird set up

realy scary things came out of these on stage smile


hmm, I'm going to assume noise sessions aren't getting counted here.
I think the lead tone that sounds pretty damn close to a guitar on this track, right from the beginning. I look at that instrument and I'm not sure how it even happened. I've never crafted anything close to it sense. … r-comforts