2 in / 4 out USB audio interface

Specifications: … ifications

Ease of Use

Pretty straightforward. Check senstivity, check if you need phantom power. Plug in and go.


I got mine used for 100 Euro in a new condition. Should be no problem the get i via Ebay for something like 129 Dollar new or cheaper used.


Don't think that it is still in production.


Smooth potis, buttons do a a little quiet click sound when pressed. Metal enclosure, sockets for midi, audio etc. are unfortunately direct soldered to the board. But so far, no problems with that. Comes with plastic pads, u should use them. otherwise it will slip easily over the table.

Sound Quality

No Problems with noise, distortion etc. It's my first real interface, i had a tascam us-122 mk1 which was really sh** compared to the focusrite.
The Interface won a user sound blind test made by the german site with competitors like Motu Ultralite MK3, RME Fireface, Metric Halo ULN8. Here's a link to the test: … dhoertest/


I just love the minimal design. All you need is directly accesable via the interface. There's no software mixer, but u can change buffer size and resolution in a software panel. Smooth metal enclosure, no sharp edges. Looks very profesionell, LED's are not too bright.


Not really large, not heavy but also not really lightweight.
W = 220 mm / 8 ¾", H = 45 mm / 1 ¾" , D = 145 mm / 5 ¾"
1 kg / 2.2 lbs


Power via USB, fits in a small pocket. Be carefull with the Potis, they stand out a little bit. No external power adapter.




Midi in and Out, no external Sync option.


USB Device, drivers are needed but up to date (osx 10,5 and windows 7, don't know if it works with Win8) last driver update was march 27 this year, when i wrote this post.


Only 1 Midi in and Out, no CV no external SYNC.

Ease of Modification


Personal Experiences

I have this one for a half of a year. I had some little trouble installing the drivers, i choosed the USB 2.0 Option but it didn't work. So i send a mail to the Focusrite Support. After an hour, i allready got an answer. The support was really helpfull but i allready figured out how to get it worked, i choosed the USB 1.0 driver option. The device is "only" USB 1.0 so it didn't matter.

I use it for chiptune and for direct guitar recording. Absolutly zero problems with audio and midi, it works like a charm. I wanted a simple, portable and sturdy interface with good preamps and i just got what i asked for. I love the fact that there's no software mixer so there's no need to togle to the cubase window and back to the software mixer and back to the cubase window...

I only use it at home, but i wouldn't be afraid use it live.


Lots of bang for little money. Only 2 channel input and only 1 Midi In/Out but if that's enough for you, get it!


- Sturdy design
- Good preamps
- Great support
- drivers are up to date
- (almost everything accesable via the interface)


- Sockets direct soldered to the board
- Only small plastic pads, if you don't use them, very slippery on the table
- (no software mixer)

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Great review! I would also recommend the Scarlett 2i2 as well. That is what I use, and it is in a great price range for what you get. I was able to price match it with a random website at a certain big box music store for 120$. Pretty happy with it so far.


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Ive got the same thing in firewire affair, has another 2 ins and 4 outs in the back, saffire 14 i believe, works great.  Definitely make a good bang for your buck interface.


From what I was told by my local Music Tech rep, focusrite took their best pre-amps and stuck them in affordable units. Apparently that really pissed off some nobby high-end studio types but we should all jump for joy.

The only downside for me is that it doesn't support 24/96 which I use in a lot of the studios I work at so have to make sure I save to 44.1 before I bring anything home otherwise I can't open the session. Ignoring that, though, it just sounds really good!


I have the saffire40 and really like it. The preamps are pretty colorless and the included software is super flexible,


I have 2i2 at home and an 8i6 at work, recommend both though the 2i2 doesn't do loopback recording. (ie: the old "what you hear" on Soundblaster cards)