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Hello all! I've posted this elsewhere, and only now it has occurred to me that I've sadly neglected to include now!

I present VGM2PRE, an open-source FM instrument preset dumper inspired by shiru's VGM2TFI utility! Currently it takes VGM/VGZ files that contain YM2612 events and converts any FM presets to files usable in FMDRIVE, GENNY VSTi, TFM Maker and VGM Music Maker, MVS Tracker, DefleMask, the Echo Sound Format, and MID2SMPS; each of those formats can be toggled on or off. Planned enhancements include dumping
YM2151 presets to OPM format for VOPM and dumping AdLib presets to AdLibTracker-compatible formats, among other things.

Source to build from scratch/on non-Windows (MIT licensed, GCC>=4.7.1, also MinGW compatible):

Stable versions (no GUI):
32-bit Windows binary
64-bit Windows binary

Testing versions (GUI, newer than stable):
32-bit Windows binary
64-bit Windows binary

The GUI is not finalized, but it's usable. The following menu items are usable:

  • File->Open File: Dump from a single file.

  • File->Open Directory: Dump from VGM/VGZ files in a single directory.

  • File->Quit: Quit the program.

  • Tools->Preferences: Toggle which formats get dumped for the given chips. Disabled checkboxes mean those formats aren't supported yet.

  • Help->About: Show program info.

You can also drag-and-drop multiple files and/or directories at once onto the GUI instead of opening one file/directory at a time. The list view on the left will update with the list of files that will be processed then the "Dump" button on the bottom will be enabled. Clicking it will dump whatever formats were checked on in the preferences if a given chip can dump to those formats (eg, VGI can be dumped from YM2612 but not from YM2151 for now).

Once I clean up the GUI I'll update the stable version. Meanwhile, I'm open to constructive suggestions on what info could be added to the right column in the GUI. The tool is currently standalone, but I'll very likely add this functionality to the eventual update of VGMTool.

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This is an awesome tool. Working flawlessly in DefleMask.


Put it to the test with this short vgm test... smile
It should output a buuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnch of preset files as almost all registers are updated constantly...
This is actually made by testing FMDrive VST registers conversion option added to the latest Valley Bell's Mid2VGM ! (unreleased yet).
VGM2PRE works perfectly so far!