Hartlepool, UK

Hi Guys, I have just completed another tutorial, this time for the MGB or Gameboy Pocket.
It is designed really for the absolute beginner and the idea was to show every step of the installation without any skipping any parts.

Because this video is really long and documents every second of me adding a backlight, I have added a timeline underneath the video, so if you want to skip past parts or concentrate on a particular part, you can without watching it all.

00:00 - Introduction and Equipment List
01:47 - Disassembly - Opening up Gameboy Pocket
02:50 - Disassembly - Removal of PCB and Screen
05:45 - Removing Reflective Film from LCD
12:31 - Preperation and Installing Panel
28:29 - Inserting Polarisation Film
31:10 - Reassembly

Anyway I hope some of you guys find it useful



very nice!