I'm selling my modded SEGA Mega Drive 1, PAL, VA3 with GENMDM cart and built in USB MIDI interface.
- USB MIDI interface for GENMDM with USB socket
- Composite Video out RCA
- Stereo audio out RCA
- Blue power LED

In addition to working as a synth, it also still works as a game console smile

I am located in Norway (Europe) but will ship most places

Price: 250.- EUR / 325.- USD + shipping

You get:
- Console with built in GENMDM USB MIDI interface
- GENMDM cartridge
- Original SEGA power supply (220V - 50Hz Euro plug)

If you want, I can include one hand controller, USB A-B cable, Audio/Video cable and 6 games

Want more info?
Search this forum, or PM me


I assume this is long gone? I'm desperately looking for a GENMDM, so please gimme a ping should you still have this at your hands smile