1. FREE TO GOOD HOME: black Tascam Porta 02 mk II 4-track cassette tape recorder, in good cosmetic condition. Not housebroken, just regular broken. One of the channels (the second one) works, but the others don't work, due to some kind of electrical problem. I took it apart and there's some corrosion on the PCBs, so this may be the issue. You could fix it, or use it to make decent-quality mono recordings. I'll even pay shipping, it's depressing just having the thing around.

2. I have some games I don't want/have duplicates of. Prices will be lower if you order more than one.

Game Boy
Super Mario Land - $5
Super Mario Land 2 - $7
Mickey's Dangerous Chase - $5
Ducktales - $5
Donkey Kong Land - $7
Kirby's Dream Land - $5

Phantasy Star III (in box, no manual; cartridge has seen better days but works fine) - $12

3. Miracle Piano, working, with some scuff marks. I'm inclined to keep this, but not very inclined; if you've got big plans for one of these, make me an offer.

PM me if you're interested in any of this.