Hi all!

Im making a remix of 'chemical plant zone' those of you who played sonic 2 on the sega megadrive / genisis will know the one I mean.

I have recently got FM Drive (the sega genasis synth). Its great although Im having diffeculty finding the wright patches to use to re-create those epic 16-bit tones.

Im new to FM synthesis. I normally use it for tear out dubsted aka transformer porn.  :borg:

So making these synths is proving to be a challenge.

Does anyone know what patch is used for the 2nd lead under the main 1st synth line, and what kind of bases are used?

Thanks alot.



Should be doable by extracting the song from the ROM into something like a tfm file then importing it into Deflemask which makes it easy to see/change modify instrument settings.

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You can definitely rip instrument files out of ROMs, but I'm almost positive you can't rip .tfm files of songs out of them.


If you use FMDrive, simply use the "vgm2tfi 2.0" tools which is on the download page at the website and drop the chemical plant zone vgm/vgz onto it, it will outputs .tfi presets from the track that you can load into FMDrive smile
Another way to check and dump a particular tone is to use Regen or GenKmod emulator that can also dump .tfi preset of a particular channel.

As a more general dump import features, FMDrive can also import registers data line directly...
I have recently made a mod with FMDrive support for the Hoot Voice Ripper which let you dump the current track FM presets from Japanese computer FM music, X68000, PC88, PC98 etc..

This will output an .FMD file with a DATA LINE you can directly import into FMDrive smile

Also available at the download page >>

Hoot Player (translated page): … %23program
Hoot Music Archive: