As FMDrive VST can also import registers data line directly...
I have recently made a mod with FMDrive support for the Naruto's Hoot Voice Ripper which now let you dump the current track FM presets from Japanese computer FM music, X68000, PC88, PC98 etc..

This will output an .FMD file with a DATA LINE you can directly import into FMDrive smile

available at the download page >>

Hoot Player (translated page): … %23program
Hoot Music Archive:

Doing the other way around; FMDrive made track(MIDI) >> X68000 (MDX format) is not easy as one click but is POSSIBLE smile

short version :

long version detailed process:

Austin, TX

Yeah PC98 support! Gonna get some patches from some real unsung masters of FM in here.

Awesome job here dude.


Awesome! my Mod has just been added into the official release by Naruto smile
So the last Hoot Voice Ripper Rev08 features FMDrive support, English translated language and optional color scheme (original or AJMOD)
PMD support is also added.
The .FMD (FMDrive format) will also reflect the state of the Channel 3 Mode (Normal, Special or CSM) excepted for YM2151.

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