You guys have inspired me to post a ukulele sample pack.

@µB: In your top post, you seem to have put the Thai Khene sample pack in with the chip stuff - it's a wind instrument smile

Subway Sonicbeat wrote:

Anyone have the link for those samples of lsdj drum kits? They are really good.

All the LSDJ kits, sampled from a real Game Boy I believe.

little-scale wrote:

@µB: In your top post, you seem to have put the Thai Khene sample pack in with the chip stuff - it's a wind instrument smile

Lol, I really thought it was some obscure taiwanese console I hadn't heard about. Deceived by context. Fixed.

I will try to hunt down my IFF library I used back in the 90s for tracking. I scavenged those from many games, and some are modified by me (like the wavforms I created)

i recommend for acapellas and shit

you have to register to download but its all free and i havent gotten any spam emails from them or anything

Synth voices & drums. Check the Odyssey and Rogue.

Thank you most kindly for this thread. Very useful stuff in here.

You're very welcome! smile

The Conet Project, recordings of Number Stations

Misc bent hardware recordings, check their S&S flashs

A request: Does anybody know a specialized Toy Keyboard archive? Is anybody hoarding good samples of those and wants to share?

Three nice, free sample packs of a Casio SA-10, preset drums of the MSSIAH (on a 8531) and a Yamaha DD-8. Get the DD-8 pack for awesome 80s synth toms and snares! … ple-packs/

Here's 2 packs of two 'No Name' toy keyboards. Can anyone ID those (pics linked on site)?

Another 2 packs of toy keyboards, but not free. I'm not keen on linking sample packs that cost money here, but man, toy keyboard samples are REALLY hard to find! Also, they're the price of two Happy Meals, so it's not too bad. I found toy /  toy keyboard packs for over $200 on my search! … Submit.y=0

Come on guys, share the joy of cheesy detuned keys and sample your favorite toy!

Bonus pack: Casio SK1 presets:

Maybe you can easily find cheap toy keybaords and sample them yourself?

Yeah, that's Plan B. I'm not a hardware guy though and after the sampling session they would probably gather dust. I have a small room with little storage possibilities. I guess I could resell them, but it seems a bit of unnecessary effort if someone who already has a nice collection can just sit down for an hour with audacity. Plus there are some classics that aren't that easy to get (Yamaha PSS series, old Casio SKs).

The 2a03 DMC archive, FamiFood

Bucky's instrument rips from classic NES games


I'm going to bend my own rules a little and post some nice sample packs I found on
Yamaha PSS-470 FM blips

A collection of good oldskool drums and beeps. Note the NI FM7 drumkit.
You'll need an account to download, but a freesound account is very useful and I got zero mail spam from them.

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Nice thread !

About exclusive 8-bit loops and samples :

There are 320 WAV samples inside DR-SID plugin :
Mirror :

And if you are interested in commercial and FREE 8-bit loop and sample packs  :

There are many formats : WAV, ACID, RNS, REX, EXS, KONTAKT...


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