Post links to your favorite sample resources.

Don't post:
- Movie/TV/Cartoon/VG speech or sfx
- Silly sound effects
- Drum Loops
- Huge random libraries like *)
- Stuff that Google spits out by the million
(Don't get me wrong, all that can be pretty useful, but is ultimately easy to find)
- Memes, unhelpful comments

*) If you find something noteworthy inside a random archive, post it. Just don't link the whole thing.

Do post:
- Single hit (clean) oldskool synths, toys and drums
- Outlandish and interesting things
- VGM instruments are ok
- Specialized libraries
- Stuff you had to dig for
(Think of it as the internet user's equivalent of crate digging)

Essentially we're looking for things that are either good for universal use or make great one-shots


Drums & Drum Machines

Drum synth samples, old and new (my pick for drum synths)

More drum synths, some synth voices as well

Yamaha DD-8, extra cheese 80s drums … maha-dd-8/

Scooby feet beat

A collection of good oldskool drums and beeps. Note the NI FM7 drumkit (needs account).

WDUWSTS' drum samples: Casio MT-45, Roland TR-66, Hing Hon EK-001, Yamaha PSS-795, FM2 (TFM maker) … qus_thread

Link hub to a whole lot of acoustic drum samples. Note the 600 MB Open Source Kit … full-kits/

Selection of 'classic' drum sounds, quality varies, but very decent stuff in there … e-samples/

Fully sampled TR-626. This pack is as complete as it gets.

Neatly sampled Roland TR-606, as with the 626 above

godinpants' stabs for breaks


Instruments & Collections

ST-XX Disks, classic Amiga tracker samples … Packsst-xx

Tracker samples, from modules for modules

More tracker samples, from the demoscene's Hornet Archive

Big fat D&B bass stabs, some loops

Royalty free orchestra instrument samples

Ukulele … t-and.html

Thai Khene … -pack.html

Woolyss' sample links (some free, some comercial)

Pianos, E-Pianos, Toy Pianos … oy-pianos/

Very nice Hammond Organ samples, neatly organized folder structure

4300(!) single cycle waveforms, perfect for making those 4k or 8k modules … waveforms/


Consoles & Vintage Computers


little-scale's chip samples
Atari POKEY Noise Sample Pack
Atari 2600 Sample Pack

Commodore / Amiga

little-scale's SID 8580 Sample Pack … -pack.html

C64 MSSIAH default drums (8531) … -drum-kit/

Whole lot (320) of C64 samples are included with DR-SID (by the same people who made the Unknown 64 VSTi)


Nanoloop sounds & drums

LSDJ kits as .wav

little-scale's LSDJ kits

GB Pocket Music Voices … k-rom.html

LSDJ kits on, nitro2k01 recommends rex42's kits

LSDJ group file area. Kits as well as other stuff like instruments, savs and more. Requires a Yahoo account.

Bucky's instrument rips from classic NES games

The 2a03 DMC archive, FamiFood


little-scale's chip samples
YM2413 Sample Pack
YM2413 Drums Sample Pack
Sega SN76489 Sample Pack
Sega Mega Drive Sample Pack


little-scale's chip samples
SPO256-AL2 Sample Pack
Phillips SAA-1099


Vintage Synths

Synth voices & drums. Check the Odyssey and Rogue.

Casio VL-1 stock voices and rhythms, single hit drums and some ADSR voices

Casio SK-1 stock voices

Casio SA-10 stock voices, as wav and sf2 … and-loops/

Korg Electribe ER-1 mkII Drums And FX … ms-and-fx/

Korg Electribe A1 mkII, sampled in iff format. Protracker, goooo!

Yamaha PSS-470 FM blips (needs account)

Farfisa Professional (damaged so certain keys glitch out, packs includes both clean and glitch samples!)


Toys & Bent Hardware

Speak & Spell samples

Two no-name toy keyboards, multi-sampled

Misc bent hardware recordings, check their S&S flashs

Sample packs of several rare vintage toys ($$$)

Two Toy Keyboard packs ($) … Submit.y=0

Link hub to lots and lots of bent hardware samples … -glitches/

Pianos, E-Pianos, Toy Pianos … oy-pianos/

Bent Casio CA100 1 & 2


Exotic stuff

Telephone signals and announcements

Radio Interval signals (including vintage ones)

AT&T Text to Speech

The Conet project, recordings of Number Stations

NOAA underwater recordings of natural, man-made and mystery sounds. Great ambiance.

Recordings of Northern Lights EM

Sounds of vintage arcade cabinets (need creepy voice samples? go here!)

EM Sounds recorded in space - stuff like lightning on Saturn or Sun plasma



Search 'Tracks' for '[artist] acapella'. Requires registration for download.

Pretty sizable archiv of acapellas/filterpellas, various genres

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here is a sample pack of one shots i made in nanoloop.


Individual Samples

I really like the drums.  I was trying to make a nice one hit drum sample so i was using all 4 channels in nanoloop.
ST-XX Disks, classic Amiga tracker samples
Speak & Spell samples
Casio VL-1 stock voices and rhythms, single hit drums and some ADSR voices

inb4 G-Zom samples

Thread rules amended

Since I love breaking the rules...
Nice sample pack for drum and bass. (Non-chip)
Cartoon samples, more specifically the Scooby feet sound.

A lot of my samples are just from random places on the web and old tracker modules.

I think the best samples are from modules wink.

arlen wrote:

I think the best samples are from modules wink.

that just means someone else already did the digging for you wink

but i agree. good place to look, just edit them before you go on!

Nice one, arlen!

I'm kind of unsure whether this counts as a huge random library or not, but it is for the most part clean one-shots, and all of them perfectly suited for tracking (not surprising, since it's part of the Hornet Archive), but there's a load of good ones here.

Please tell me if I'm breaking the rules, so I don't do it again. smile

Anyone have the link for those samples of lsdj drum kits? They are really good.

ant1: Perfectly good link. I just don't want any of those 10000 FREE SOUND EFFECTS sites that bury anything useful when you google for samples. The downside of big repositories is that when you're browsing for stuff, you often can't see what's inside those archives. Personally, I prefer archives to be specialized in such a way that I know what to expect. I'm looking for old drum synth samples, I go to kb6 and check their Linndrum, or whatever. I'm much more motivated to download sample pack when I don't get a mishmash of stuff.

Also guys, go ahead and post anything good that's hardware or tracker specific (.xi, dpcm wavs etc). It would be cool if we could make this thread an index for anybody looking for good samples.

And more weird stuff! It's the best!

- Thai Khene Sample Pack
- Commodore 64 SID 8580 Basic Sample Pack
- YM2413 Sample Pack
- YM2413 Drums Sample Pack
- SPO256-AL2 Sample Pack
- Atari POKEY Noise Sample Pack
- Sega SN76489 Sample Pack
- Atari 2600 Sample Pack
- Sega Mega Drive Sample Pack

Awesome, I was just about to browse your blog! big_smile

µB wrote:

Also guys, go ahead and post anything good that's hardware or tracker specific (.xi, dpcm wavs etc).

If you say so... LSDj kits galore!

Little-scale's kits

Rex42's kits, very useful … its/rex42/

A hidden gem:

LSDj group file area: (Kits as well as other stuff like instruments, savs and more) Requires a Yahoo account.