New version 0.42.
In the not visible things :
- fixedpoint frequency for the wavetable ;
- various move in the code for cosmetic and performance ;

There is a lot of small, most visible things are :
- the code start in around 10s on opendingux, in the previous build it took maybe one minute see BLEO video... ;
- song mode now available in L/S for saving a song and BANK to load different Pattern and Song ;
- The screen is back to 320x240 on windows, I'm lazy, just a define which is not set ;
- Detune is possible for the picosynth ;
- Really better LFO for picosynth ;

There is a lots of cosmetic change which need to be fixed because the GUI works fine but it's weird to browse...
The GUI is a really hot point to clean because it is not easy to understand...

In the dropbox you will find a PatternPlayer.dge for opendingux, and PatternPlayer.exe for windows.
Drop all the zip in a directory and launch it from the unzipped directory : …

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Oh wow! I am a fan of Nanoloop ever since I got into chipmusic; I use Nanoloop 1.2 primarily and then some of the other versions. I have DS lite, 3DS, and GCW Zero, all currently not running any Nanoloop clones. I am curious to see a DS / 3DS port of Picoloop! I would be chuffed to see a GCW Zero port of Picoloop! Please!

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so is a gp2x build availible? id love to try it out


For now I'm focus on windows, debian and dingoo a320 opendingux.

I've succesfully compile and launched on gp2x, but I have not implemented the joystick, so... for now, no gp2x, but it will come, I have a gp2x f100 and f200 at home and a gp2x midi cable. So I can test all kind of thing

For the gcw zero, one day I will do it. I don't have one, so it is really boring to try to port the software without double checking the result with my own eyes. I like the idea to have a usb port to plug a midi cable on the gcw zero. So one day I will buy one.

Next port should be PSP, I have one at home, it will be more works, but there is a lot of PSP out there and it's a really good handled with good spec.

DS it should be possible but don't expect it, it will be difficult because there is not a lot of ram and not a lot of cpu, so it should be a difficult port and IMHO PSP is better choice.

3DS, IMHO doable, I'm waiting to see good homebrew and audio stuff from the scene .

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Id really really like a go on this! hack together a gp2x demo for us!

actually, im trying to build a raspberry pi handheld that doesnt suffer from all the terrible design choices of everything similar ive so far seen.
its mainly to play LGPT+midi / seq24 + midi  ( +street fighter / inkscape the side) Sort of GP2x family meets Neo geo pocket meets sega saturn controller. This would be an excellent addition.
But I have no HDMI monitor and cannot get my Pi to display over composite to put together a protoype as much as I try. sad
I may have to install debian on a machine and test it oot!

Hows development going? smile

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okay i tried it! its very nice. love the modulatable
delay. How do you change the pitch sweep on the drum synth? smile


Hi Domu, I'm really happy you like it.
The dev goes smoothly, there is IMHO one year of dev ahead to have a well made software.
I work on it for one year now and I'd like to use it as my day to day apps so the road is long but now it is possible to play with it and for me it was an important step.
For the GP2X, the PI, the PSP, whatever, it will be bring alive, but the interface need to be clean up before.
It's not simple to use and for me, it need to be fixed before I port it on every platform.
The performance, is double check with the dingoo A320 and it could run on the gp2x, I have no doubt.

Now there is a Pitch sweep for the PSYNTH.
It was written last week so you can have it this daily build ( there is a windows PatternPlayer.exe file in it ) : …
It is in the [LFO] box, you can select LfoPitch or PitchBend but not both.
It only work on PSYNTH for now.
The LfoPitch is a standard vibrato.
The PitchBend, is a kind of Pitch sweep like nanoloop
It does not sound like I really want, but the logic is implemented, I need to tune the algo to sound like the nanoloop.



If it was for me, ( I don't have one, but I may buy one soon ) I would choose this for the PI : google("pibow tft")

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excellent, thanks! hey if you would like some help on the UI design, id be more than happy to work with you on the project!

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Huh Pitch sweep on Psynth and not Drumsynth? Strange! But whatever! as long as I can make my Kick drums smile


If you make a song let me know, I'd be more than happy to hear something from you.
If you want to help :
- you can play with the code, tweak the UI, you need c++ knowlege, a Linux box, the opendingux sdk;
- you can change the color of the display for exampke and give me the color you have choose, I think there is improvement needed on this side and the UI is not sexy ;
- improve the UI and send me the patch or try to send me what you think should be improve ;

Thanks a lot smile

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Ok il download the SDK and whatnot, take a look. But my C++ is lacking, I will learn some more!
I was thinking i could tweak the colours, the font / typeface and create some little icons for the parameter pages and such. Like you say its really not so sexy right now. But an awesome little tool already!

If you ever got to the stage where you could import samples, and have parameters to alter start position and sample length, I would be in heaven. Hardly any further work would be required!

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mmm handheld raspberry pi with picoloop capturing samples from built in condenser / contact mic. I think it would replace LGPT for me almost instantly. (Apart from for midi sequencing of course,)

Hey midi out of picoloop is another idea!! Notes / CC's. Imagine the awesomeness


What I'd like to add is a basic sample player first.
A basic one with sample start, sample end, one shot/loop point and enveloppe ADSR.
I think I'm able to implement this cleanly and it will add a lot to picoloop.
It will not have all great option ( table ) of lgpt but it will be easy to use.
It will deal only with small file "1Mo max 16bit 44KHz " and the memory will be maxed to 8Mbytes for all sample because this kind of limitation is a good thing for creativity and file portability.

One day I will add midiout, I hope one day to make it compatible for input with something like the arturia beatstep controller for midi input smile
But a basic 16 rotary controller for input will be enough.
Midi out will be added and I want to keep the compatibility with the old midi gp2x for sure, I have one at home.
It will be tested on linux first so the raspberry compatibility shoud not be an issue I think.

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í understand tables would be very hard.

honestly, just samples with choke groups and per-step editing of sample start, length and adsr (even without any of the psynth / drum synth/ midi ) would be absolutely amazing.

I'll record some loops i've been playing with for you!

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New version 0.45 :
- PSP Support EBOOT.BPB file, and it is great, Firmware above 5.00 required I think  ;
- First gp2x build, I try it yesterday, there is stilll a bug on SDL_exit which freeze the handled on exit, it works but need to be fixed, try at your own risk, but I don't think there is any risk at all ; 
- opendingux support as usual my handled of choice ;
- windows build, two binary ( RtAudio and SDL ) if one doesn't work try the other ;

I decide to port it to different handled because I wanted to be sure one handled is not really weaker than another one.
There is no new feature, this release is a feature freeze before... maybe the sampler machine smile

All binary are in the same zip, unzip it and launch it. …

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