I tried it out on my PSP, original model, with custom firmware 5.00.  It works, though it crashed twice in about a half hour, once while editing pitch lfo and once while changing some other parameter.  First crash required a hard reboot.

I'm a longtime nanoloop user, it's my favorite sequencer of all time (I've tried a bunch too).  So I'm glad to see this software.  I definently have a few suggestions for e future, after the program is fully stable (seems pretty close).  Thanks.

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big_smile GP2x! 

Oh man, between you and ERik producing the gameboy ROM Chord, now is a sick time to be on this board for sure,

West Yorks, UK

am i going to be the first to release a heavily picoloop utilizing release?! possibly!


Hi Kid versus chemical, sorry for the bug on PSP, I will hunt it and fix it, I need to reproduce it on my handled.
And I'm really happy it works on your psp, I only tested on my old psp2000 and with ppsspp and I was not too sure it works on other psp.

And Domu the next gp2x port should solve the freeze on SDL_exit.
I have to spot the bad bug and make a really clean release.
And if you made a release, I will be more than happy to listen to it.

I'm glad you like this soft and your feedback give me a lot smile


Hi, Just to say, I continue the cleaning of the GUI, lot of works...
For now nothing is visible but I have near 6000 line of 'git diff' so I move stuff aroundabd around.

I can't reproduce 'kid versus chemical' crash, I think your psp doesn't support 300Mhz, mine doesn't support 333Mhz.... So in the last tree I downclock the soft to 266Mhz... Stupid hardware...
I have a lot of IO speedup on the psp part. Psp has a really bad IO driver.

On the gp2x there is nothing done yet. Need to fix the sdl_exit().
I'm interested on the gp2x because I have a midi firestarter cable and I want to use it smile

I hope the next build should come next month, I want to finish the cleaning of the GUI first smile


There is 2000 or 3000 other line moved away, so lots of cleaning, and nothing more to bring because it is really on the low level....
For the lower hardware, the next thing will be the sampler.
And the famous VOPM vst may run, but I need to double check it, it is a YM2151, and the integration should be smooth too, if the handled are powerfull enough.

With one of my dude we are heavy looking at this :

So project advance and there is really more to come on the faster hardware.
And it looks great with an arduino and a raspberry pi, so i will build a special version for me smile

I am lurking on this machine integration :
But this one will be only available on pi/windows/linux because it use a lot of float.
But it sound really great.

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i am excited at the prospect of the sampler and rPI VOPM and Cursynth integration, but that will be a bonus treat for later.

Yeah I too have a GP2x midi cable, and use LGPT alot with it, this is why I am hounding you for GP2x versions! But yeah, take your time, I appreciate you work on this a lot. I will have to go back through the pages of this thread and remind myself how I might be able to help with the project.

My picoloop release took a bit of a back seat recently, but it will come! Keep it up yoyz2k! big_smile

By the way, your linked image doesnt show up, what is it a picture of?

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Thank you a lot Domu, I will take my time to make a great release smile

I will explain the photo a bit.
One of my friend want to do some hardware hacking with me on raspberry pi and arduino.
I will make with him a special controller to play with picoloop.
It will let me port picoloop on arduino with standard spas controller and do some experiment with more powerful synth engine : cursynth and VOPM.
On the hardware side, I don't have experience on arduino so I will learn and he has years of experience on embedded device so it will be a lot of fun.
I will learn a lot from this and it will give me idea on how I can make the control outside of picoloop.
All things like midi will be in the area too at that time.

The image is from adafruit, it is a 4x4 matrix button led named trellis.
Search for "adafruit 4x4 trellis" on google image you will see.
The custom controlle will be made with it.
There should be rotary knob too.
I could upload the schema when it will be finish if it is great but I don't have a fixed idea today and I don't want to fix deadline on it because it could take a lot of time to make it great.
And I want to share great moment when I will build it.

Stay tuned, in three four weeks there may be a release, and thank you for your great support, it is really a pleasure smile

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Abandoned on Fire


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Ive had some thoughts regarding your Trellis controller. Id say make sure to include 2 endkess rotary encoders (not potentiometersa) and a further 5 or 6 push buttons (maybe on the side) that select modes 1)AR/LS, 2)Note/LFO, 3)OSC/Filter, 4)VCO/BPM and 5) Bank switch to swap between the two pages of menus. The speed at which you could operate the software would increase 100x.

So this would use Arduino, Or RaspberryPi + arduino? I realise its possible to hook the trellis directly into a Pi, so what is the need for the arduino? To handle more analog/ digital inputs than the Pi is capable of recieving?

Im on the verge of buying a 'duino and a trellis (I already have a pi) and performing my own controller experiments.
Looking forward to this massively.

Oh and also have been working on some Icons for you, that could work in place of the text in Picoloop, possibly.
Il send them you soon, do you want to PM me your email?


Hi Domu,

I aggree, I will use endless rotary encoder because I want to avoid "gap" when value change on step parameters.
In my head, I hope to use 4 encoders minimum because some page should have more than two parameters : ADSR for example.
I will keep some synth with ADSR some other with DR or AD like nanoloop does, it sound great, and not every synth need complex envelope.
So some page will have two, some four parameters.
The interface will be based on a mixed of nanoloop and Elektron hardware.

I'd like the treillis to show the "trig" step like any drum machine on 16 step, and to be able to select the active step.
There will be another treillis on the left of the first one which will allow to select :
1.1) ENV",  1.2) Note  1.3) OSC   1.4)  VCO
1.2) LFO,  2.2) Filter   3.2) FX       3.4) BPM
1.3) LOAD 2.3) SAVE  3.3) PTRN 4.3) BANK
1.4) PREV 2.4) NEXT   3.4) ?       4.4)?

The Raspberry Pi or I think the Raspberry Pi 2 will handle all the audio processing.
But the raspberry can not handle rotary knob easilly IIRC, and I will have to use an arduino to handle the knob.
The treillis are controllable by I2C and raspberry and arduino could handle it.
I'd like the hardware interface to be managed by the arduino because the duino is really cheap and is design to do this kindo of thing.
The audio and the video will run on the Pi because it will be easier to design, debug and maintain.

If you like stuff like arduino, led and push button, go on this I'd like to see what you could desing with it.
And I'd like to share experience and schema.
I will make it "midi" capable and make picoloop be able to recognize it so a firmware will be done for the duino to be able to talk to the pi and recognize this hardware.
I'm very happy to for this next hardware step smile

I will pm my email to see your icon and if they are great I will integrate them.
Anyway, they will be better than this text smile

From my previous post, I have modified a lot a lot of code, moving stuff...
I have finished the big change on the code base last week.
And yesterday I was able to handle a different GUI view for each synth which was my goal.
It have been a really big work and it's not finished because now I have to make it real and not technically possible.
So now I have to redesign the interface of each synth and if you have idea for picodrum, picosynth, dbopl, don't hesitate, it's the right time, I will do this in the next few days.

Two new software synth are integrated, because It was not too difficult and I'd want more advanced engine.
PBSynth : … 0,0,6,2867
is integrated , it is an old fixed float synth done by Christian Nowak in 2006, it run on opendingux and PSP, windows, I will have to speedup the code base to make it work smoothly on GP2X. But it works fine on it when I check it.

Cursynth is in integration state, and I'm listening to a pattern made with it right now.
It sound really really great, one the best opensource synth I've heard. But this one will never be able to run in a PSP, dingux or something like this. It eat a lot of CPU but it sound really really great and smooth.

When I have finished the Cursynth, integration, I clean the Gui and I push a windows beta of the result and a song smile
And this realease one should be really great !!!

Thank you domu and have a great weekend.

West Yorks, UK

big_smile big_smile brilliant news!

West Yorks, UK

++ oh yes PBsynth, I have seen this, before I got a midi interface for GP2x, do you know how the synth is triggered on GP2X? Is midi in an option? I understand it was built for GP32 which also had firestarter midi interface (maybe the same as GP2x firestarter midi box and Piggy to Midi GP2x midi box)


Don't really know how PBSynth worked on gp2x and gp32, I don't think it support midi on gp2x, I've try it on windows to see the kind of sound it does.
What I'd like about it is the waooo of the synth, the enveloppe sound different, but there is something which seem to be weird about the enveloppe and I don't understand well.
Anyway If I can improve it I will do.

I've release a 'beta' windows version and there is some pattern with cursynth and pbsynth on the bank0 which show how they both sound.
cursynth sound better but pbsynth work already on handled. …

Don't hesitate to tell me what you think about sound and parameters.

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Is there a binary I could download of the newest version for PSP with the clock speed change? 

Also, the hardware/rPi thing is pretty interesting.


Yes, I've got one which is a little older, I think 8 february.
It contain pbsynth and I've downgrade the speed of processor and I've use today so I think it is stable.
It should run on psp FW>=5.00 and it will play smoother than the old one because I've use -03 which help a lot. …

Tell me if it works fine for you.
I've done like ten pattern so you can listen to the different kind of engine on the [L/S] page.

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