Oklahoma City, OK

Hello all, this is an LSDJ related question.

I am having trouble loading any of my .sav files on my emulator. I am using Visual Boy Advance 1.7.5 to do so. I am running it on a Macbook Pro Version 10.9.2. First and foremost...

-Yes, my .gb file name is the same exact name as the .sav file I want to load.
-Yes, my .sav file is in the "Battery Saves" Folder
-Yes, I have tried Trash-ing VBA and re-downloading/installing a couple of times now.
-About 98% of the times that I boot up my rom of choice, a message pops up in LSDJ that looks like this:



But of course, it doesn't load the save file like it should. None of my processes have changed from when I used to do this before, and the .sav files would load up just fine. Not anymore.

Please let me know if I'm forgetting something. I'll take any help I can get, whether it's getting Visual Boy Advance to work properly, whether you think it's the .sav, the .gb, or the emulator itself that's fucked up. If it is the emulator, which GB emulator for Mac would you recommend I use instead, and what do I need to do to load my .sav files with it?

Thanks again so much for any and all help you can provide.


The last I knew, saves were placed in the same directory as the ROM, not a separate folder.