Hi everyone,  I was just wondering if anyone out there had a Music Tech cartridge (gameboy) from PixelH8 for sale???  Or maybe someone out there knows how to get a hold of one?  Thanks!

Do you want the actual cartridge or is just a ROM fine?

The ROM is available here:
Or more flashcart friendly versions here:

I would need a cartridge... Maybe I can find a place/ someone to put it on a cart for me?

i'd typically have them here http://store.kitsch-bent.com/product/ga … -cartridge

and will be restocking on the titles this week, so they'll be back shortly.  just happen to be out atm, its this weird timing right at the end of the last batch.  sign up for the newsletter up top, i'll send out the restock notice there

it'd be the most straightforward way to have it on a cart, the originals were released on functionally identical carts and flashcarts are overkill for single ROM non-memory cart usage

That sounds great!  However I didn't see music tech on the dropdown menu,  you would be able to put that on the cartridge for me?

yeah, it will be added back to the drop-down once i've restocked the titles

Hey bud big_smile

I have a Music Tech v2.0 cart. its No.47/100, still works perfect.

give me a shout big_smile

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Is the pixelh8 website down?