sometimes it is line level, but only if you send in a line level . Generally I think it is for pre amplified signals

matt's mind

the way the extra channel on this cart is, coming straight off the pin, is not line level

however, with the way the cart is set up, the plan is to have adapter amp boards made as well  or, people can take a peek at the header on the board pic, its standard spacing, and make all sort of adapter boards.  all the signals you'd need are on this header


Could this info be moved or mirrored to the kk_gb_8m thread since it would be good to know this in the future? smile And gosh, has any retailer actually received and shipped out their krikzz carts yet? I wanna see a video review before I take the plunge.

@herrprof - my Numark X6 works fine with unamped signals, amped signals, and line level stuff on its aux in.


Yea ive have a mixer with gain post and pre pots as well on the aux in, but that isn't the case on everything. For most people youll probably need to send it to a regular mixer channel.

That is assuming we ever see any software that actually uses it.