Hello all,

I wanted to let everybody know of a Kickstarter Compilation from Telefuture happening until the 10th of April.
Telefuture has been releasing digital and physical albums for the past 2 years or so, and I have fortunate enough to be able to work with them before.  The releases on TF more synth than chip oriented, many artists on this label have a distinct 80´s FM sound. 

The compilation offers 13 excellent and varied songs, one of which is also mine (for which I cannot vouch of the ``excellent``  stamp...)
The idea of a Kickstarter compilation has been started in an effort to raise funds for the production of future physical releases, these range from audio cassettes to VHS tapes and also one special album from Bastly Adams, including the works of Animal Style and many more, which should come out under the form of a Mega Drive-Genesis cartridge.  Which is simply awesome.

I leave you with the Telefuture homepage and hope you enjoy the compilation!


Washington, DC

How many of the Genesis carts were made? I've been searching for information (and anyone who has a copy they'd like to sell), but have had a hard time finding anything.