Hey, there is a 3SID version of SID-Wizard coming up. Just thought that you guys would be interested ;p

http://sourceforge.net/p/sid-wizard/cod … plication/

Hey, if anyone is interested I finished the 3sid board. The downsides are that it's only for 8580 as I dont have a 6581 unit to test it on and you cant really mix sid types with it. It costs 9eur for the board, 12eur for the kit. Postage is 6eur. Send me a PM.

PS: Here is the manual https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/24027026/3sid.zip

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can you listen to all 3 sids without having to compose parts separately and compile to hear all three at the same time?

(like i have been with goattracker up until now)

heh i want a lazy reply without having to figure it out myself/trawl through the docs smile

That's the whole idea behind it. You can test the unfinished version in vice. It's still buggy but it works.

PS: Now I have to put another sid in my c64 wink

wowowow awesome. 

i think i might need to figure SID-Wizard then smile

I hadn't even got round to experimenting with the 2SID version yet! (Was planning on it this month). 3SID might even be overkill, but I probably won't be able to resist opening up my C64 again and doing some more solder surgery, eventually. tongue

How/where do you wire up the 3rd SID? Will I have to dismantle my SID2SID board or is it something that can be easily added without messing with the current configuration?

Actually, I think that there is no easy way yet. I'm designing a little board for 3sids similiar to the sid2sid. It would cost about 8-9eur + components if anyone would be interested. I also can share the design files

Well Hermit already made a 3-sid tracker long before he made sid-wizard:

Guess you can always ask him how he got the lot in his c64

@Jellica: SW was made to resemble goattracker a lot, shouldn't be too hard. Also Ant1 made a neat tute here on cm/o that I am too lazy to find a link to

Sadly in SW you don't see everything side by side smile

Czesc Scannerboy! I will take 4x PCB 3SID... Send me email. Read PM.

Hey, if anyone is interested I finished the 3sid board. The bare pcb costs 9eur and the shipping is 6 eur. Send me a PM.

PS: Here are the source files https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/24027026/3sid.zip - so anyone can make one themselves.

oh man, thanks for posting this!  excited big_smile

I want to buy 4xPCB.  Read email!

ohh that's cool, then you can have your two panned for stereo and a center channel as well. Ooo or 6 SID's for complete polyphony AND panning techniques. I doubt 1 Mhz could handle that much though with much effect manipulation. Definitely not with sample channels added. Hardware's outpacing the software once again.

soon we'll have C64 orchestras

SIDphonic chiptune

it's out

Nice.Thank you for link 4mat.Cant wait to have 3sid upgrade...