If you dont have a security screwdriver set, and you have the larger ones to open do this with a pen, if the smaller you will have to improvise.

Dead simple, take a pen/plastic, remove the gubbins keep the case, heat it up with a lighter, even a touch of flame, shove it in the hole, give is 30seconds to go cold and harden around the shape of the screw, you now have a screwdriver, unscrew, you get one or 2 screws out of each melt, nice little trick worked a treat

Hehe, that's pretty brilliant! If you don't mind the smell of burning plastic. smile

You can get both Nintendo security bits for a couple bucks on eBay, that includes shipping.

Still, it's a neat trick if you need to get into something ASAP.

i have yet to get a pen to hold form for this to actually work...
I have found it to be more time consuming than it takes to pay $2-3 for a security bit (try kitsch-bent.com).
Just my opinion.. i've maybe gotten 1 screw out of a game (that had already been opened btw) before it strips out.
And if the game has never been opened... good luck.

worked for my NES and SNES havnt tried it for a game yet, as i say its a quick tip, saved me waiting 2days for the stuff to arrive and didnt cost a penny. ^^

heh, I have never gotten this to work either, for some reason. Maybe wrong plastic. Still, it's a common trick and alot of people report that it works OK. I'd still want a real gamebit.

bic pens are the best for this

do you think this would work for the tri-wing screws on a DMG?

doubt it. it works cos the security screw is flat with dents in, the tri wing is 3 individual wings that would be very brittle made from plastic

also there has never been a tri wing screw made big enough for a pen to fit into the screw hole

just a guess though.

yeah, i assumed it wouldn't but i just thought i'd ask. thanks!

ah yes, this is how I use to open my gamecube. Nice.... you can also use the plastic end of thumbtacks to open GB carts this way

Saskrotch wrote:

bic pens are the best for this

Nice work