rumpelfilter wrote:

People keep telling me to install Arch, which is a bit of work... so I never really get to try that.

try Archbang (live CD) - Arch based, CrunchBang inspired, very minimal distro (openbox+panel+web browser+file manager+terminal)

irrlichtproject wrote:

For all you pulseaudio haters out there (so, myself included, as well as pretty much any other Linux musician I know) I have some bad news: Starting with the upcoming ESR, Firefox will depend on pulseaudio. Not sure how to deal with this, things are looking pretty bleak as far as browser alternatives are concerned. Palemoon is build on legacy code, so probably not exactly secure, and Chromium is even slower than FF from what I hear, plus it doesn't have a good mechanism for selectively blocking scripts.


Seamonkey is based on the same code as Firefox, so chances are it will have the same problem sooner or later. Also, it's a fairly heavy-weight application.