Oh just saw that I was right, VSTs need to be compiled for the CPU they run on...

Using Wine for ARM + custom kernel + patched QEMU one could run x86 software on RasPi but I don't think it's worth.
Emulation uses lot of resources...

Domu wrote:

i knew i was dreaming too high; thanks anyway rumpelfilter!

You might want to look in to Carla, it's a VST host and is ported to the RPi.
And there is a more complex RPi2 project , Zynthian
http://blog.zynthian.org/index.php/2015 … thian-box/
It's a standalone soft synth host platform to simplify and unify the GUI for a number of linux synths and  VSTi and LV2 plugins. It had been using Carla but they are switching to MOD-UI and MOD-Host for plugin hosting. 

garvalf wrote:

If you can give tips on how to use beepola with wine, it would be cool, because the sound gets corrupt very quickly (buffer problem I guess)

It's from 2010 so I bet it works in ubuntu 10.04 fine wink

I tested it in various configurations but I still get glitches. sad

The best results I got in Antix16 (lightweight debian linux no pulseaudio).
For playback you dont actually need real-time kernel.
Close all windows (not Beepola of course).

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Beepola is running in fine in linuxbbq. Standard kernel, wine from official repos.

@mt12345 All those differences between distributions... that's odd. On a quite high end computer running linux mint, beepola has the glitches. I'll have a look at linuxbbq or a regular debian distribution, thanks!


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thanks again for the pointer. The problem is indeed pulseaudio. Now I'm on another computer, running linux mint too (I don't think I've ever run beepola on this one), I've started it and loaded a song. After 3 patterns I got the slowdowns and the funny glitches. I've just killed pulseaudio and now I've run the song entirely without problem. So why doesn't it work this way on the other main computers? I don't know exactly. The problem is on one of them pulseaudio is not running but it was installed before. On an other one, without pulseaudio, there is no sound at all (in wine). And on this current computer, where beepola is running fine without pulseaudio, once I've killed pulseaudio, I can't get html5 sounds in firefox, so I can't just get rid of the pulseaudio shit sad
But at least I have one computer where I can work on my beepola tunes!

Do you really need pulseaudio?
if you UNINSTALL pulseaudio the system will switch to alsa and you should get sound in all apps.
However I read somewhere that removing pulseaudio is  not possible in current  ubuntu/mint release.
In that case, since you are used to Mint, I would recommend Linux Mint Debian Edition - I was using it on other machine for couple of month and it was really nice (MATE Desktop).

yes, uninstalling pulseaudio had some problem with firefox only, and I need html5 audio support sad
Otherwise I would have done it gladly.

That's strange. I'm running debian without pulseaudio and I do have html5 audio working in firefox. This is likely some kind of bug or bad config. FF itself has no pulseaudio dependancy afaik.

Yes ubuntu is very strange. I prefer Debian

http://kodi.wiki/view/PulseAudio/HOW-TO … for_Ubuntu


not ideal solution but you could try:

1.download firefox from mozilla


2. remove pulseaudio and firefox WITH config files
(if you dont use firefox sync, backup bookmarks)

sudo apt remove --purge pulseaudio firefox

3. reboot

4. extract downloaded archive, run firefox, try youtube

maybe it's different on Mint/Ubuntu. On the other hand, I think I managed to get firefox working without pulseaudio and with html5 on one of the computers, so it's maybe another problem. I'll try also the official mozilla build.

while i think beepola is good software and i get that its freeware etc, it really isnt acceptable for a tracker to demand that you uninstall a vital part of your OS to get it to work

while I think ubuntu/mint is good software it really isnt acceptable for a linux distro to demand that you stick to default audio server. Linux = freedom.