DMP004 - "Saturday Morning Beat Downs" by KOOLSKULL
May 19th 2010
Kool Skulls Tenth Release!
Completely done in LSDJ, with the exception of two bonus tracks, "Black Dog & Infectious Worm". Twenty five minutes of pulsating chipthrash, sure your melt your small intestine! DEATH TO VIDEODROME!

we ARE currently accepting Demos! please send all submissions to: [email protected]

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A link would be nice.

godinpants wrote:

A link would be nice.

Sorry, fixed!

i think he meant direct link to download wink

anyway i'm enjoying this, maybe not the most polished stuff in the world, but it's speed and energy make up for it!

yeah, the harsh speed and energy is meant to be the focal point.

I liked this a lot.
Going to give it a loud listen in the car this afternoon.

thanks alot man!

Infact on top of this afternoons play.
Tomorrow, Saturday morning. I'm going to blast the fuck out of this to wake up the neighbours.

oooo shit....

Infectious Worm is a favorite from watching your youtube channel.

@godinpants hahaha thanks brother! I'd love to see you post a video of you blasting it loud, and waking the neighbors!

@wedanced thanks alot man! hey, you still up to do a collab?

This is some really intense stuff, dude. Good job.

You going to be at the Gallery Nucleus show on the 15th?

i'll check it out, but you really need to start putting actual links in the datamoshpit posts. it's really easy, and leaving it out makes it seem really unprofessional. i'm sure i'm not the only one that's passed on the other releases because of it.


turns into

even if you dont want to learn the BBCode, which is extremely easy, just putting http:// infront of will make it a link. look!

I agree completely. I passed.

Also, for the love of fuck (datamoshpit): why call yourself a record company when you do web releases? You are a net-"label".

Not everyone is mega into the scene and knows the lingo. Who gives a fuck if it's called a record company or a net label? Isn't it about the music?

This release is awesome. Obviously there should be a direct link, but are people really that lazy that they'll pass on a good release simply because they have to do the five seconds of work required to copy and paste a link?

RG wrote:

I agree completely. I passed.

I almost passed because it was .tk haha.


You had me at "thrash".