Dublin, Ireland

So, I don't know if you guys have heard, but Patchblocks (from my little home city of Belfast) have gotten through the Kickstarter orders and they've now launched their store, and are available to anyone.

If you don't know what they are, there essentially tiny modules that can be loaded up with programs made with a pd-like graphical programming environment. (There's already quite a community, with plenty of pre-made modules to look through on the site)
And they hook up to themselves and other things via 1 each digital and analogue ins and outs.
So, you can do a whole lot of... basically anything, with them. (cheap custom lo-fi mini-synths, drum machines and effects units essentially)

Haven't heard much talk of them around here besides me and KeFF, But it's definitely something that I think the community would be interested in.

New promo vid:

Oh, and there should be MIDI I/O blocks and a stompbox block coming in the future. (There's a MIDI hack somewhere on their forums for now.)

I've been using one mostly as a dub siren in my live sets for the last while and can't wait to get a few more.

Matthew Joseph Payne

I backed for a rainbow set that I've been playing with for awhile (nothing concrete to show for it yet other than a nice filter I made on one of them) and they're really rad! Great build quality and I can't wait for MIDI!

It's nice because almost every time I go "ugh I need THIS thing I don't have one hrmmm" I can just build it on the patchblocks and have a simple hardware version in <30min.

Turku, FIN

Yup, all the love from here too even tho i haven't used mine that much big_smile


Love them.