The idea was to create an interactive part for my album, I ended up with a game with one hour game play AND an interactive section where you can listen to my album in my alter ego's 8bit world. Epic project, only downside was that it took 3 full months to create, still... Would do it again! … sQ49pkisfw

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I don't know how I feel about this.

You wouldn't understand, it's a *metal* thing

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Its not quite chip related, but once upon a time I played a bunch of metal shows and opened it for The Black Dahlia Murder and As I Lay Dying


as a Black Dahlia Murder fan, fucking sweet yo

Thanks man!
If you like metal, here is our stuff from a while back

The Antioch Synopsis


I've crawled into a couple of trashcans while playing

Played a garage show and set up some percussion stuff for other people to hit. Hung up two trash can lids.
got really into it and tried pulling down one of them and the lumber on the shelf they were attached to almost took someones head off.

for a show I wasn't playing, ohhhhh maaaaannnnn? I guess the one time at warped tour I tore my Hawaiian shirt off my back and into pieces.
RIP The Chariot

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Attempted sexual intercourse while listening to Boner Machine.

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RIP The Chariot


When I first discovered Merzbow I loved his sound so much that I tried to make a noise track and made a bunch of crazy sounds in LSDJ and tried to make it Merzbow-ey and it just didn't go anywhere and I ended up turning it into a "normal" song.

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