I would like to bend/modify one of my Tascam MF-P01 four track cassette recorders so that I can control the playback/recording speed....

Has anyone done this before?

Open it up and look for a trim pot near the motor. There'll likely be one that was used for calibration at the factory. It may only give you a few percent difference tho. Alternatively, you could cut the drive belt (or gear) and add a manual crank to the spool and control it that way. I think 8cylinder has a tutorial on that?

Yeah scroll down to "manual drive tape deck" http://rhinoplex.org/8cylinder/

i have one of these, but i've never thought to bend it at all. i may have to try this

I have 2 (for bouncing purposes) ... But I'm thinking I might want to get a third one that I can bend... Maybe add pitch mod and feedback or something...

Ps..holy shit,  Seatrash,  you are one of my favorite chip artists! big_smile

Btw,  thanks,  EGR!

Alright,  so I finally managed to score a cheap one and hope to start bending it in the next few weeks...stay tuned!

So,  after opening it up and tinkering around a little bit,  I ended up just adding a 1k pot before the motor to be able adjust the recording/playback speed.  I wanted to add a distortion/feedback knob and also perhaps a tone knob but I couldn't figure it out...There is barely any room inside the thing,  but a couple pots could still be added below where the track buttons are... so I may add these mods yet if I can get them figured out.

Have you tried routing the output back to the preamp input? You might want to bypass the preamp, and go straight back to the amp.

I tried connecting the input to the output with a pot...but without flipping over the pcb it's sort of hard to tell what's what...

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oooo that's a cute 4-track

(Brother Android,  another one of my favorite chip artists!)

It's about as simple as they get!  I actually have 3 of these now,  you can't really bounce tracks on them without at least 2...

I'll probably end up bending one of the other ones too,  instead of opening this one up again... I'll have to go a little more in depth to find the feedback mod and I'll probably add a simple rc lowpass filter  too.

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(Brother Android,  another one of my favorite chip artists!)

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