I got to find online at kind of a fair price these two laptops:

-Toshiba Satellite 2540CDT (which seems to be crashing after the screen that asks you if you want to boot in safe mode, I guess a format or something would make things go back to work)

-Acer TravelMate 529ATXV (perfectly in shape, but stills kind of bugs me the fact that I can't get any info about OPL3 in travelmate laptops... )
CNET suggests that both of them have a soundblaster16 compatibility, but the real question is about the chipset or at least how good would they do perform in music tracking?

Sorry for opening a new topic.. I wasn't sure whether to post in a new one or not...

Olderaptoos are pretty easy to disassemble. If you're confident enough, pop it open and peak at the ICs. I found a ym2612 in a lappy I got for free from a friend.

Okay, found out something more. Looks like the Travelmate 52x series mounts an "ALi m5451" audio chipset integrated in the laptop southbridge.
Further researches pointed me to think that it most likely works via wavetable emulation. Don't think it's actually worth the money sadly, unless any of you would advice me to go and get it

I guess I'll give a try for the Toshiba Satellite, it's more likely for them to have opl3 synthesis

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