Abandoned On Fire

I'm mapping an xbox afterglow gamepad for piggy use.  The dpad is unfortunately the "hat" joystick axis.  What's the correct syntax for this in mapping.xml?

The piggy event dump for the dpad is this:

[EVENT] hat(0)::0::3
[EVENT] hat(0)::0::1
[EVENT] hat(0)::0::0
[EVENT] hat(0)::0::2

and what I've tried already is this:

<MAP src="hat:0:0" dst="/event/up" />
<MAP src="hat:0:2" dst="/event/down" />
<MAP src="hat:0:3" dst="/event/left" />
<MAP src="hat:0:1" dst="/event/right" />
<MAP src="but:0:0" dst="/event/a" />
<MAP src="but:0:1" dst="/event/b" />
<MAP src="but:0:2" dst="/event/a" />
<MAP src="but:0:3" dst="/event/b" />
<MAP src="but:0:5" dst="/event/rshoulder" />
<MAP src="but:0:4" dst="/event/lshoulder" />
<MAP src="but:0:7" dst="/event/start" />
<MAP src="but:0:6" dst="/tempo/tap" />

All the buttons work but the dpad does not and in the log the "attached blah blah" isn't there for the "hat" mappings either.

Abandoned On Fire

The solution was to use all three digits just like in the log output.  Like hat:0:0:0

Trust the log.  It is wise and just.

(also Marc was kind enough to help me)