Specifically, I need to know where capacitor 105 and 110 trace to.
A friend recently brought me his Turbo Duo after he’d paid someone else to recap it.
The guy apparently didn’t know what he was doing at all, and ended up not only ripping the pads out of the board to C105/110, but then tried to dig into the board with an x-acto knife to try to resolder the caps in.
It didn’t work, and now because of how screwed up the area of the board is where those caps are, I can’t even see where the caps trace to so I’d be able to just connect ‘em to where they’re supposed to go with a wire.
Google isn’t helping me much in telling what connects to where, and I can’t find any decent photos showing those two caps, because A) the wires for the optical drive are usually covering those two caps so you can’t see them, and B) most of the photos I’m finding aren’t high quality or close up enough that I’d be able to tell where the caps traced to anyway.

Would anyone on here happen to have a Turbo Duo and be able to snap a couple pictures for me?