Tomy and Ukko from the group Live! coded a music disk to my music, for Atari STe. I'm a bit between demoscene and chiptune, so to me it means a lot. I started "real" chiptune in 2009, and so far, I had never released anything for the machine I love so much. Actually, the reason why I keep my tracks simple and do not want to merge too many machines (like DMG + ST) is that I've always wanted to release such a disk. Live! made it possible, thanks guys !
So here is a compilation of tracks for your STe or emulator. OK, the tracks are not new, but well, the intro is awesome and really worth it : )

Go get an Atari and a floppy disk

I was supposed to be present at the party but I managed to miss my flight. This cool intro cheers me up a bit : )
Bye !

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