Hey there! I made a sample pack and thought it my go with the vibe some of you non-purists have:


I sampled the clicks and whirs of four of my film cameras; the Lomo Lubitel, the Smena Cosmic Symbol, the Diana F and the Action Sampler. Please feel free to download the samples and use them freely in any production that takes your fancy. Let me know if they end up in any finished work - I'd be interested to see what becomes of these recordings.

You can download the samples here: soundcloud.com/sfgsmith/sets/old-camera-sample-pack



yesss, have made so many beats with samples from an 8mm wind-up camera

Hey cool, nice idea. thanks for sharing them. i love these little clicks and whirrs. Be useful if i ever turn to the dark side of sample-based tracking.

Someone should do typewriter noises next

This is great! I'm always looking for alternative sounds to mix in with beats!


used them in the second half of this!

can somebody host a .zip of this ?? not able to dl from anywhere

barbeque wrote:

can somebody host a .zip of this ?? not able to dl from anywhere

i'd be happy to put one up w/ op's approval. if not i could PM you a link?

Feel free to host it publicly.

http://www.mediafire.com/download/4rlqw … s_copy.zip

Excellent! I've started work on an industrial techno project and these will come in very handy for my electribe sampler.


fudge baby thank u ! also thank uuuu running man !

I made a quick thing with it to test out some sample-fu for when I get my physical sequencer some really neat samples for sure!

Oh shit! Just dropped vol. 2:

These are so wonderful, thank you!