What I have here is a piece of chiptune history. It's a working cart (with new battery) and printed manual of Nanoloop 1.0 (mind you, not nanoloop one)

It's a blue cart, with a nanoloop sticker and SAM in the groove where the nintendo logo usually goes. On the manual, someone has written BLUE, ohmigosh! It could be oliver himself!

The manual gives you everything you need to know to become an awesome chip dj.
And with this cart you could be making rad loops within minutes!

(it actually took me hours to get some decent sounds out of it, but others might get the hang of it faster then me)

So, what I heard is that most versions of nanoloop 1.0 where returned and replaced with 1.1 because the program was quite buggy.. I replaced the battery holding the saves, and it looks quite stable now. (but still...) So, finding a 1.0 version isn't that easy. about 200 where made, and a lot returned.. but again, this is what i heard smile

If you just want to make nanoloop songs, get a new cart of nanoloop one, if you want a rare and historical tongue chiptune cartridge: this is your lucky day! I'm parting with it because I need to pay the rent. I really like stuff like this, so I don't really like selling it, but a roof is a bit nicer to have.

As for the price, let's say €100,- and see where it goes from there?
I will allow you people to outbid each other while I watch and eat popcorn.


oh, and I'm shipping from holland.. just to be clear.


Or best offer tongue


i bid 20 euros not to take the piss but thats all i can afford


Ha, thanks, but I already had an offer for 80 euros...  smile


technically, having bidding wars is against the rules of the trading post section on here.. for those who choose that option, we recommend ebay (though its cool to post the ebay auction here of course)