So, I'm looking to do a small physical release of this
I'd like to do just a basic sleeve case, with minimal art on the disk itself; probably just text. I don't have the resources to make them myself so I want to go with an online printing service. I'll order a batch of 50-100 copies depending on interest.
Those of you who've done this as well - who would you recommend I order from? Can you point me in the right direction?

a whole lot of people use kunaki

+1 for Kunaki. They do a great job and they're extremely cheap.

Kunaki looks premium! I'd like sleeve cases though and I think they just do jewel.

Be aware that Kunaki is a full automated service though. You will NOT get ANY support from them at any point. I've got CDs that were printed there, and some are ridiculously awful. Print quality varies a whole lot from one CD to the next and if you get a bad one, there simply is nothing you can do about it. Also be aware that their pricing is weird. One to five CD is 1$/CD, six to a hundred is 1.75$/CD which is almost double the cost.

The only value to Kunaki is that they are fast as balls and you don't have to keep any stock. You can just order one at a time, as needed. This makes them perfect for a web-based operation, but if you're looking to stock up for a merch kiosk and whatnot, you can do cheaper elsewhere.

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I had great results using Sire Press; they'll do full-color cases or screenprinted stuff, and they're good about staying in touch. They were the cheapest I was able to find for the exact job I wanted, but "YMMV" as the kids say. The main perk for me was that they do full-color discs at no extra cost, which doesn't sound like something you need. is another option. I've not used them for printing but I've bought raw materials from them before. They seem to be very versatile and pretty inexpensive (keep in mind the prices are all in CAD).

your cover art is sweet, by the way.

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Great, thank you all! At this point I think I will go with