USA, Maryland … ful-nights
sooo i dont really know what to ask for, i just sorta made it in like 15 minutes and it sounded nice
I guess what would you do with it? add a drum line? some other synths? idk say anything!


I like what you have so far! I think you should shorten the intro a bit and add a simple drum loop with some hihats and a kick. Something like hi-hi-hi-hi-kick, hi-hi-hi-hi-hi-hi-kick (I know, totally legit music notation right there! tongue). Also, I think what you've got going here would work a little better at a slightly lower tempo. That's pretty much my advice.

Chips & Dip :3

Sounds good!

You may want to detune some stuff, toward the end there's a bit of note conflict but other than that, it gives me da feeeelz!!!!!