I just finished my first DMG Backlight installation but not without some trial and error. I first soldered the backlight wires to the typical solder blobs that most people use in their tutorials in the middle right below the screen. I put everything back together and the backlight worked great but LSDJ would only work for a couple of seconds and then would crash and give a "Don't Panic" screen with some hex codes that it told me to send to the LSDJ support email. If the game didn't crash like that it would last for a couple seconds then go completely blank except for one horizontal line on the screen and would not clear until powered off and back on. I also tested Pocket Bomberman and whenever I would move and jump, the screen looked like it was glitching out, skipping frames, enemies floating in the air, enemies stuck in their spots, my character jumping through the wall at the edge of the level, and would even walk to one edge of the level and the camera would not follow and completely went out of camera view. Very odd to say the least.

I thought I had borked my ribbon connector or some other electronic component rendering my DMG beyond repair. So I tried cleaning everything with a q tip and alcohol but that didnt change the result. Finally I tried soldering the positive red wire to the 100 ohm resistor that came with the backlight and then soldering the other end of the resistor to the solder blob. Worked like a charm! I guess the backlight was pulling too much power and somehow overloading the circuitry of the gameboy causing weird glitches/crashes.

Anyone else ever have anything weird happen if you did not install the packaged resistor that comes with backlights? Also just was wondering what you guys thought about the fact that on their website it says the resistor install is "optional" since in my case something was not right until i installed the resistor.

Link: … e-nanoloop

Other than that weird snaifu, backlight looks sharp!



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