5 Tracks of Audio & visuals, audio & visuals were produced simultaneously using circuit bent video game consoles - tracks - Empire of rusted steel rewire, Circuit bent Megadrive Lotus II rewire & Circuit Bent Atari Glitch Console. Audio was made 1st, video made 2nd on Plague of Locusts & Consumer Zombie Me.


that megadrive was killer

cheers! done a megadrive II also got it spitting out some serious pixel trips til i made a bad connection....fried!

Well, hats off to you sir. I love me some v-ram bends. (Also sorry to hear of your fried unit)

Heres my Genesis mod if you're into these things.
http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/13573 … eo-device/

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Cool man, serious work! cant beat sonic glitchups..)